1997 Humble beginning

Starting with only four employees, Nedeljko Matanovic opens his business as a freelancer in sheet metal processing, initially working as a sub-contractor only.


1999 Diligence pays

The business becomes a success and a company can be founded. NEMA GmbH, still young, rents office space in Gelsenkirchen and continues to work as a sub-contractor. However, the long-term goal is already clear at this point: Being in a position to offer customers the entire portfolio of insulation services.


2014 The big step

After 15 very successful years and following a long search, the ideal premises for the company have finally been found, directly adjacent to the Rhine-Herne canal. NEMA now offers a wider selection of sheet metal and insulation solutions all under one roof. At this point, the company already employs 34 people.


2016 Arrived

May 2016 sees the completion of the new offices and manufacturing facilities on the premises next to the Rhine-Herne canal. 56 employees take care of NEMA’s many projects and customers all across Germany. And the story continues.